Global Youth Leaders Network

Our Continental Leaders

Name: Tom Isaac Makisa Makokha

Country: Kenya

Position: Continental Coordinator for Africa

Hon. Tom Isaac is a champion of Youth empowered for success program and a facilitator of a students Leadership
Development program. An advocate peace and social protection with vast knowledge and experience community mobilization, social work, Fundraising and Resource Mobilization, civic education and holds various leadership tasks. He is a mature respectable patriotic young citizen with exceptional understanding and knowledge on national and international values, a team player who possess good partnership and networking skills, with passion and skills to empower, train, connect and link, has good communication skills, with experience of interacting with people of all status, gender, age and class. He is a trainer/Consultant on social protection and Entreprise development, studied human resource, business and project management. He is also a community advocate for transparency in public expenditure tracking who believes in efficiency and accountability, he also has passion in promoting active youths  development and inclusiveness .

Name : Hon. Zacil Bastarrachea
Country: Mexico

Position: Coordinator for North America

Hon. Zacil Bastarrachea is a  22 year medical student at the Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. She is  the Local Officer of Rights and Peace from the Committee of Rights and Peace (SCORP) of the  school (CEMUADY) which  belongs to the Mexican Association of Doctors in Training (AMMEF A.C. for its initials in Spanish).

Name : Hon. Nancy Paola Patiño Hernández

Country : Mexico

Position: Ambassadors Coordinator for North America.

Hon. Nancy Patino Geological Engineering Intern with experience in Disaster Risk Management. She is an Official member of the Network of Promoters of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Name: Hon. Danuka Surinama

Country: Sri Lanka

Position: Continental Coordinator for Asia.

Hon. Danuka Surinama is a life coach, motivational speaker and a philanthropist with over 25 years of experience in the private and government education sector. He has collaborated with National Human Resource Development Council (NHRDC), Ministry of Education, and Local governments (Provincial Level) to educate youth on building successful careers. He is a well-known personality among the youth in this country and touched the hearts of many in building enduring life. Danuka also a well-known TV personality where he has contributed as a presenter in a myriad of TV shows and gained popularity among the youth. He has facilitated more than 1000 workshops during the past 5 years and influenced more than 100,000 youth across various parts of the island. Hon. Danuka plays an advisory roles in many national level educational initiatives and gained trusted advisor role across the stakeholders.

Name: Hon. Johnson Morancy

Country: Brazil

Position: Coodinator for South America.

Hon. Johnson Morancy is a member of th Research Group Water Resources and Environmental Sanitation, from the Federal University of Amapá (GPRHSA- UNIFAP). He is a member of the Youth Organization for Development and Environmental Protection (OJPED – YODEP). 

He has a degree in Geography, Environment and Territorial Planning, specialization in Management of Municipal and Environmental Services at the Henry Christophe Campus at the State University of Haiti (2017). He also has Masters in Tropical Biodiversity at the Federal University of Amapá (UNIFAP), Brazil.
His research is based on anthropogenic and natural factors linked to the degradation of mangroves in the municipality of caracol. He has skills in risk and disaster management, land use planning, community mobilization, environmental management, watershed management.

Name: Youssouf-FOFANA

Country : Mali

Position: Ambassadors Coodinator for Africa.

Hon. Fofana is a translator ,Interpreter and in charge of a translation and interpretation firm. He is a Consultant in Humanitarian Strategy at OCHA Mali.

Name: Hon. M.B.Murshid

Country : Sri Lanka

Position: Continental Ambassador for GYLeN Asia.

Hon. Murshid is an academic engineer; he strongly works professionally for the betterment of the Youth community at any complex level. Thus, he is highly prodigious in well endeavors to be in conduction of Workshops, Training, Community Outreach Events, Awareness Programs and the like, for the youth from across the whole island, on subjects namely, Socio-Emotional Intelligence, Multiple Intelligence, Compassionate Integrity, Mind Management, Thought Management, Meditation, Tolerance Management, Leadership, Young Entrepreneurship, Communication Skills, Civil Rights, Women Empowerment, Gender Violence, Civic Engagement, Peace, Reconciliation, Conflict Studies, Climate Actions, Sustainable Development Goals,  plus more. All of the aforesaid titles are covered by him in the context of humanity. His responsibilities are inclined to act as Resource Persons as well on the aforesaid titles. Moreover, He is onerous to be quite a part of policy making process too, about Communal Development in a creative manner. ”