Global Youth Leaders Network

Who We Are

Global Youth Leaders’ Network is an intellectual and ideological organization that from its inception provided a platform for breeding of ideas for Youth across the World to deliberate on a therapy to a plethora of problems facing the youth population across the world for so many years. It is Crystal Clear that the World has been subjected to numeric debilitating challenges which to that cause the Global Youth Leaders’ Network rises from such quasi or uneven background to champion and proffer the concrete solutions to those problems

What We Do

GYLeN shall amplify community voices, and engage the youths through periodic enlightenment campaigns, workshops, seminars, conferences and applications of simulations and drills that will equip them with the sets of skills and technical tools for shaping their communities, nations, continents, and the World at large.
The following shall be the commitments of GYLeN in its thematic areas of activities:

  • Mobilize grassroots voices and make them heard even in the darkest enclaves (wherever it’s possible), GYLeN will ensure a strong community-based global youth cluster connecting hopes and matching skills with opportunities.
  • ¬†GYLeN shall strengthen the local power of Youth groups and amplify their voices from grassroots and communities to the national and global levels.
  • GYLeN shall deliver grassroots messages with authentic voices, conviction and commitment to shape perspectives, targeted at empowering the common interests of development and prosperity.
  • GYLeN will leverage on its relationships with grassroots and community based youth leaders, cultural champions and shapers, the mainstream media, and opinion leaders to advocate for overall development from capacity building, infrastructural development, political participation, policy inclusion, economic empowerment to mainstreaming issues of youth and masses agenda.