Global Youth Leaders Network

Name : Hon. Dr. (h.c) Saibyasachi Barua

Country : Bangladesh

Position: Regional Coordinator South Asia

Saibyasachi Barua is a Humanist and Freelance Journalist. He serve South Asia Regional Coordinator and Ambassador of Bangladesh in Global Youth Leaders Network (GYLeN). His knowledge and experience community mobilization social work, fundraising and resource mobilization civic education and holds various leadership tasks. He have received Awards and recognition and has published several publication. He is a respectable patriotic young citizen with exceptional understanding and knowledge on National and International values and has good communication skills with experience of interacting with people of all status, gender, age and class. He attends several National and International Seminar, Conference and Training program respectively.

Name: Hon. Ms. Samkelisiwe Chunda

Country: South Africa


*Regional Coordinator Southern Africa.

*Assistant Head of Environment Committee

She’s an Environmental Specialist and Agriculture Consultant with extensive experience in developing environmental projects in Greening, Alternative Energy, Water and Waste. Currently practicing as an Agriculture Consultant supporting entrepreneurs through Smart Farming Training, Manufacturing Hydroponics Systems and Agro processing.

Name: Hon. Charles N. Kortinai

Country: Liberia

Position: Regional Coordinator West Africa

Hon. Charles N. Kortimai has earned and acquired at least a few certificates from higher institutions of learning both at home and abroad. He is a graduate of the College of West Africa (CWA), Bsc degree in civil engineering from the University of Liberia (UL), Master of science in geomatic engineering from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Certificates in biblical studies from Beaurean Bible Academy and Word of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI) all in Liberia and Ghana respectively.

He is a Senior Pastor of the Freedom Kingdom International Ministries a growing Church of over 350 membership. He had served and is still serving both government and non-for -profit organizations in his native country in several positions from Enginering Consultant, Project Engineer at the Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE), Programme Officer at the National Authorizing Office in the Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs then. He has also worked as Geomatic Engineer within the Global Information System Unit at the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy (MLME), served as the Program Officer of the Liberian NGOs Network (LINNK) a Non-Profit-Organization with over 250 membership and is now serving as the as the Assistant Director of Land Administration for Land Valuation, Geomatic Engineer at the Liberia Land Authority (LLA); while serving the Global Youth Leaders Network (GYLeN) as the Regional Coordinator for West Africa.

Name: Hon. Yousuf Saleh Alshwrmani

Country: Yemen

Position: Regional Coordinator West Asia

Hon. Yousuf Salef Alshwrmani is one of the young leaders who have contributed significantly to the achievement of many tangible achievements in various fields at the national and international levels.

He held many leadership positions that left a clear imprint in the rehabilitation and development of youth capabilities and activating their prominent role in achieving development and prosperity.

He won many awards and honors for his prominent and influential role in the humanitarian, cultural and developmental fields at the international level.

He is a Peace ambassador
Goodwill and Human Rights Ambassador

Hon. Alshwrmani ia a Founder Hult Prize Yemen

Name: Hon. Lydia Halidi

Country: Comoros

Position: Regional Ambassadors’ Coordinator, Southern Africa .

Hon. Lydia graduated in Biology , she is involved at many local organizations in his country and also internationally. She is a committed young leaders dedicated to achieve SDG-13. Lydia has already taken many initiatives in his community and represented his country in various programs related to the environment issues and climate change. She acts on resilience and natural disaster reduction in her country.Thus she is strongly endowed with abilities to take responsibilities , lead meeting and manage team.
The leader plays a lucrative role within Organization namely the events planning among others: organization of data, organization of events , translation English-French , creative development and team-work. She stands out in her work within the Organisation in terms of leadership , commitment , analysis and especially respect for all members .
GYLeN are pleased to express how passionate and committed the leader is to resolving the social conflicts that plague our society. His firm goals are evident and his tireless efforts are almost tangible.

Name: Hon. Mugisha   Parfait

Country : Burundi

Position: Regional Coordinator East Africa.

Born in Burundi 1992, Hon. Parfait graduated in health sciences at Public health institute, He created ATN Burundi which is a nonprofit organisation, working to improve healthcare for communities in rural in 2015, He created In medical cabinet in Rural areas in 2017, in 2019, He created a Medical center all those activities through ATN Burundi, He coordinated project of Umuntu Movement Burundi which an international movement working for environment issues and He organised through this movement the trees planting campaigns, and now where He have planted out of 100000 trees in one year, He created Perfect Village communities which is a social company which is working to improve the life conditions of vulnerable people in Burundi through the amplifying the communities basic activities to create the small business.
He is  experienced  in health project coordination, community project implication, project monitoring.
He is the  programs officer at ATN Burundi, Administration Director at CMLS a Medical center and  Country ambassador for Umuntu Movement,
In November 2019, He has been awarded as young young social entrepreneur in competition known as SHIKA Award competition organised in Burundi
He is the East Africa GYLeN region coordinator. Hon. Mugisha is  also a member of different local and international initiatives.